Kim J. Scott

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"Inspiring the advancement of others"

Kim J.Scott, MSN, MBA, RN Speaker & Personal Coach


Nurse Consulting

Executive Coaching

Wellness Events Producer

Risk Management / Patient Safety

Keynote Speaker


Kimberly (Kim) Scott is a Nurse Leader from the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a double Masters degree in Nursing Administration and Business Administration. Kim has been speaking professionally for over a decade on the topics of nursing and health care professions, risk management , patient safety, motivation, health & wellness, diversity & inclusion, and nursing leadership.

Kim is a recent 2016 graduate of the National Speaker’s Academy of Northern California.

With over twenty years of health care experience, Kim has established herself as a dynamic speaker, nursing advocate, motivator, and connector. She has a passion for coaching and loves to serve and speak about building community. Kim refers to community, as Common Unity.

Kim has served as President, Membership Chair, and continues as Conference Chair of the Bay Area Black Nurses Association, Inc., a local chapter of the National Black Nurses Association, Inc. She has produced the Florence Stroud Black History Month Nursing Conference Series that addresses increasing diversity of the Nursing workforce and combating health disparity. Kim is also the Chair of Word Wellness, the health Ministry at her church, Word a Family of Churches, Oakland, CA location. Kim is the recipient of the 2016 Chi Eta Phi Nurse of Distinction award,and elected to the Board of Directors of the National Black Nurses Association for 2017."

What they are Saying about Kim Scott

I met Kim almost twenty years ago when she was working towards her Bachelors degree in Nursing. She has been a constant inspiration for me in becoming a Respiratory Therapist and educator. Kim has been my mentor for over 15 years. Her public speaking skills are soul driven, yet professionally provoking. If It wasn’t for Kim I would be so lost professionally. She assisted me with professional development and my pursuit of higher education. She also helped me to develop better communication skills, which was an integral part of my personal development.
 Although I am a lung specialist and Kim is a nurse she helped map out different opportunities in health care for me. She is an excellent consultant, leader, and serious motivator. Kim, is appreciated for all she does. May god continue to bless her upon her journey. I know if it wasn’t for people like Kim I would be lost professionally and personally.

"Kim is an engaging and experienced speaker. She is a natural, bringing in personal stories that really speak to the audience woven in with her expertise on the subject of health care and diversity. Kim is a true professional with positive energy and a magnetic personality. Everyone who has worked with her loves working with her and those who meet her for the first time are always impressed. She is a wonderful model for less experienced health care workers as well as a exemplary leader."
Kim J. Scott RN, MSN, MBA  With  Gloria Bailey Ray

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